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Houston Heat Treat is located at 13802 Chrisman Road, Houston TX 77039. Ph: (281)590-9600 / Fax: (281)590-9601

We offer a wide range of heat treating options for our customers. Please see below for a list of our processes, services and equipment currently available.

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Up to 3,000 Lbs.
36” x 36” x 52”
Up to 1950 Deg. F. (Down to 1400 Deg. F)
Oil Quench

Atmosphere Process:

  • Atmosphere Annealing
  • Atmosphere Carbonitriding
  • Atmosphere Carbon Restoration
  • Atmosphere Carburizing
  • Atmosphere Normalizing
  • Atmosphere Hardening

2 – Gas Nitride Furnaces

Up to 15,000 Lbs
62” Dia. X 96” High

1 Open Fire Heat Treat

Up to 25,000 Lbs.
5 ft. Tall X 6 ft. Wide X 19 ft. Long
Up to 1950 Deg. F

1 Open Fire Heat Treat

Up to 20,000 Lbs.
4 ft. Tall X 4 ft. Wide X 16 ft. Long
Up to 1950 Deg. F

Open Fire Processes:

Age Hardening
Stress Relieve

Water Quench Capacity

Up to 7,000 Lbs.
48” X 60” X 192”


Up to 2,000 Lbs.
36"H x 24"W x 48"L
Up to 1400 Deg. F.

Temper Process:

  • Age Hardening
  • Anneal for Machining
  • Full Anneal
  • Code Stress Relieve
  • Tempering
  • Stress Relieve


Cryogenic Treatment

Up to 3,000 Lbs.
30” W X 36” H X 50” L
Down to  (minus)-150 Deg. F


Up to 2,500 Lbs.
46” Dia. X 57” High
Up to 2400 Deg. F. Down to 1000 Deg. F
(Standard & Drop Bottom Units)

Gas Fan Quench Capabilities:

  • Argon
  • Nitrogen

Vacuum Capabilities:

  • Heat treat tool steels
  • Heat treat stainless steels
  • Vacuum Age Hardening
  • Vacuum Full Anneal
  • Vacuum Normalizing
  • Vacuum Solution Anneal
  • Vacuum Tempering


Hardness Testing:

  • MicroHardness
  • Rockwell (RC, RB, RA, 15N, 30N)
  • Brinell (HBW)

Outside Laboratory Services:

Tensile (elevated / room temp)
Grain Size
24 Hour Hardness
Stress Rupture
Creep Test
Proof Load Test
Intergranular Oxidation

Blasting Services Also Available

Houston Heat Treat’s furnaces and procedures are qualified to meet AMS-H-6875A, AMS 2750, API 6A and API 20H latest revisions.
For further information contact David Sullinger at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Mark Tate at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or give us a call at (281)590-9600.