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October 27, 2008

Latest Houston Heat Treat upgrades,

"We have now expanded from one vacuum furnace to three vacuum furnaces.
This is due to an increased need in the Houston area for a qualified vacuum heat treater.
We have now added our third vacuum furnace.
We will break ground for our forth vacuum early 2009."

Houston Heat Treat
13802 Chrisman Road
Houston, Texas 77039
281-590-9600 office

We offer to our customers a wide range of heat treating options. For your review, below is a list of the processes we currently have available. We hope that you will call and visit us soon.

Our Services
Sub-Zero Treatments
Neutral hardening
Stress relieving
Age Hardening
Tool Steel
Super Alloys

 Welcome to Houston Heat Treat...

Heat Treat Industry News

March 06, 2013

Tenova Core installs Consteel system at Andec in Ecuador

Tenova Core has recently completed the installation and commissioning of a Consteel® system for the Ecuadorian steelmaker Andec, at the company’s Guayaquil works. It is the first Consteel® installation in the region and the world’s most compact Consteel system.

The Consteel® technology is an important part of a plant “micro-mill” project in progress at the Andec facility. Consteel is the proven continuous steelmaking process, which preheats and continuously feeds scrap and other raw materials directly into the EAF via a patented conveying system through the EAF sidewall. The Andec installation represents the second Consteel installation in South America, the first Consteel in the region was commissioned in late 2011 in Brazil for Vallourec & Sumitomo Tubos do Brasil VSB in Jeceaba, MG. More..

Outstanding service begins with the right people

Our goal of complete customer satisfaction starts with our people.  We hire the best and brightest employees from various fields.  Then we add training of our own.  Not only in their areas of expertise, but also in customer services, responsiveness, safety, quality assurance programs

and more.  We also work to instill a high degree of pride in our company and what we do.  So all of our employees from the bottom to the top are dedicated to making Houston Heat Treat the best it can be.

The next step in achieving our goal is involvement with our customers.  When you sign on with Houston Heat Treat, we begin by working extensively with you and your process engineers.  We study your parts and your processes so we can identify potential problems before they arise.  In addition, you have access to our quality assurance professionals.  Only after we’ve completed a detailed analysis of your specific needs do we create a customized process that will give you’re the best possible results.  So when production of your parts begins, you’re assured that they’ll be exactly to your specifications. 

Our dedication to superior customer service doesn’t end with heat treating.  Whether you have a billing question, need to check on a shipment or are looking for some technical advice, our staff is here to help with quick answers and sound solutions.  And we always stay in touch to make sure you’re satisfied and to discover if we can improve our service to you.

November 27, 2008

      Latest Houston Heat Treat upgrades:


Up to 3,000 pounds

30 x 30 x 48

Up to 1900 Deg. F.

Oil Quenching

Atmosphere Process

Atmosphere Annealing

Atmosphere Carbonitriding

Atmosphere Carbon Restoration

Atmosphere Carburizing

Atmosphere Normalizing

Quench & Temper

2 Gas Nitride Furnaces

15,000 pounds Max weight load

Up to 64 Dia x 96 H

Open Fire Heat Treat / Water

Up to 25,000 pounds

48 W x 48 H x 16 Long

Up to 1850 Deg. F.


Up to 25,000 pounds

Up to 16 Feet

Up to 1850 Deg. F.

Temper Process

Age Hardening

Anneal for Machining

Full Anneal

Post Weld Heat Treating (Code Stress Relieve)

Regular Temper

Stress Relieve

Temper Anneal

Sub Zero Treatment

(Deep Freeze Cryogenics)

Liquid or Gas

Up to 3000 pounds

30W x 36H x 50L


Up to 3,000 pounds

40 Dia x 36 H x 52 L

Up to 2400 Deg. F.

Vacuum Process

Heat treat tool steels

Heat treat stainless steels

Vacuum Age Hardening

Vacuum Braze

Vacuum Full Anneal

Vacuum Normalizing

Vacuum Solution Anneal

Vacuum Temper

Alum Oxide Blasting

Up to 2,000 pounds

30 x 30 x 50

Table Blasting

Up to 2,000 pounds

36 Dia x 36 High




No-Carb Green


Hardness Testing

Micro, HRC, HRB, HRA,


Outside Lab Services


Induction Process

Induction Annealing

Induction Hardening

Induction Tempering

Houston Heat Treat’s Furnace and Procedures are qualified to meet AMS-H-6875A and AMS 2750 latest revisions. Download our Capabilities list here

Process not listed; please call Mark Tate or David Sullinger at 281-590-9600 for further information.

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Houston Heat Treat Services, a Houston heat treating company has since 2007 provided exceptional quality service in the thermal processing of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloy. Our dedication to quality is unsurpassed. We don't make your product, but we recognize that you depend on us to make it better. That is why we deliver quality in everything we do, from design to delivery.

Houston Heat Treating is housed in a specialized facility designed specifically for metal treating. This facility holds numerous high capacity furnaces that will bring your metal parts up to ISO9001 standards. HHT is located at 13802 Chrisman, Houston, Texas 77039 in the northern area of Houston Texas.

Industrial companies we serve include the Oil field, military, Houston machine and forge shops, foundries, and other manufacturing companies dealing with metals. Industries who receive our industrial products would include, OEM's, Aerospace, Fluid Controls, Oil and Energy Markets, Consumer Automotive, Off-Road Specialty, Oceaneering space systems, and Commercial. Some of our clients include Halliburton, Schlumberger, Baker Oil Tools, and Weatherford.

Houston Heat Treat has a facility that houses many furnaces and gives us the capability to produce our large orders. Future expansion is planned in our building to meet the increase in demand of Heat treated metal orders. Houston Heat Treat specializes in heat treating services for forges, pipe, and metals, especially Tempering, Carburizing, and Hardening. We have now expanded from one vacuum furnace to three vacuum furnaces. This is due to an increased need in the Houston area for a qualified vacuum heat treater. We have now added our third vacuum furnace. We will break ground for our forth vacuum early 2009.

Houston Heat Treat a Houston heat treating company is QS9000 and ISO9001 certified and provides specialty Heat Treat services in Houston, Texas

For more information on our services, please contact us via e-mail

Mark Tate - Plant Manager -

David Sullinger - Sales or Customer Service -

or call us at 281-590-9600.


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